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Business and Economics

Living in Southeast Asia is, if nothing else, "dynamic".  There is always some new socio-economic development to reveal and I'm there to write about it.

I keep my ear to the ground for trends and analysis you might not find in other places.  Point me at a subject and let me go!

Among the samples offered here, you will find a layman's explanation of the Eastern Economic Corridor (EEC) program and what it means to Thailand.  You'll find some in-depth analysis of property markets.  You'll even find some economic predictions that came true!

High Speed Train BKK to UTP

Got Time to Take a Fast Train?

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Bespoke Articles

Infrastructure Sandwich

Let's Get Real About Casinos

The Pineapple Index

Surf's Up in East Pattaya

Concrete Never Sleeps

Return of the House

In the Thick of It

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