Writing Samples

Food and Entertainment

Nothing is better than experiencing world-class entertainment and dining in an exciting city.  Live music, delicious food, and creative cocktails are always fun to write about.

Click here to read parts of a series called "One Night in Bangkok".  They appeared in lifestyle magazines and were adapted for on-line use as well. 


Also included is one of a long series of food reviews I've done for various magazines and websites.

International Living

Living overseas for 20+ years gives me a valuable perspective on international living and I'm often contacted to write about it.

Live and Invest Overseas is an international publisher with more than 400,000 subscribers hungry for information about living, working and retiring overseas.  


In 2016 they chose me to research, write and photograph the September issue of their "Overseas Retirement Letter". an exhaustive report on Thailand's northern Capitol, Chiang Mai.


In 2021 I was tapped to produce a thorough overview of buying property in Thailand for their publication "Global Property Advisor".  


 See both publications here ...

Interior Design

In a former life I was a real estate developer and interior designer.  

In 2012 I was Marketing Director for a major furniture manufacturer in Thailand.  I've written dozens of interior design articles and even produced a magazine dedicated to interior design and luxury living.

Take a look at the maiden issue of Design Desire and some other articles that appeared in various lifestyle magazines.


Writing for the Department of Tourism in my adopted home of Thailand is a thrill for me.  Especially when it involves sustainable tourism projects like the ones featured in this brochure.

Click below for the brochure and other articles about places to see and things to do in Thailand.

DOT booklet.png
Real Estate Projects

As a former real estate developer and current property investor, writing about real estate is a 

passion of mine.  Real estate developers often hire me to write articles, press releases and brochures.

Check out this brochure for a new luxury housing project in East Pattaya.


So, what do you say when a client calls and says he wants 500 words on padlocks?  You give it to him!.  

Click here to read a series of advertorials written for Hafele, the German maker of all things household.


The only thing better than writing an article about a legendary and intriguing person is getting to write a whole series about him.   While writing this three part series about the life and times of Jim Thompson, Thailand's King of Silk, I was like a kid in a candy store.  

The research, the fact checking and the sheer excitement of writing about a real person I have always admired is what writing is all about.

Check out this series and I'll bet you'll learn something you didn't know.

Business and Economics

Living in Thailand is, if nothing else, "dynamic".  There is always some new socio-economic development to reveal and I'm there to write about it.

I keep my ear to the ground for trends and analysis you might not find in other places.  Point me at a subject and let me go!

Here's a layman's explanation of the Eastern Economic Corridor (EEC) program and what it means to Thailand.

"Give me something trendy and relevant" the editor said. Now that's an assignment that is both challenging and fun!  Check out these articles I wrote about what's happening now ...

Blog Series

Easily the most fun I've had writing in recent times was a weekly blog about life in Thailand.  Thai Visa, a major English language news service and info-portal in the region let me create a blog series called Every Picture Tells a Story.  Click here to see a few of the posts.

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