About me

A little over 12 years ago, my friend Dave Buckley asked me to write some articles for his real estate and lifestyle magazines in Thailand.  He said he thought I had a "way with words" and might make a decent journalist and copywriter.  So, he's the one who let the monster out.

Since then I've been hired to write about everything from global economics to rock-n-roll to showerheads. Books, magazines, newsletters, advertising, and blogs. Time after time I find myself listening to a client and saying, "I can write that". 

I've always been involved in the information and publishing business in one form or another.  I've worked hard to stay relevant and there's no project I won't take on.

Please take a look at the list of noteworthy assignments listed below and make sure to visit my page of writing samples.

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It ain’t whatcha write, it’s the way atcha write it.”
—Jack Kerouac, WD

Southeast Asia Correspondent Live & Invest Overseas Magazine

In 2021, I gave presentations at several webinars for this well-established international publisher and produced a 3,000-word report for their "Global Property Advisor" publication titled "Target Thailand", focused on the ins and outs of buying property in Thailand. A few years earlier I wrote a 14,000-word essay in another publication titled "Overseas Living Letter" about Chiang Mai. Thailand.  This report explores what it’s like to live and work or retire in Thailand’s northern capital.  Both publications can be seen in the Writing Samples section of this website.

Editor/Writer, World Gourmet Festival, Bangkok, Thailand

As a dedicated "foodie", it was a pleasure to edit and write all the collateral material for the World Gourmet Festival in Bangkok, Thailand.  Materials included posters, brochures, and press releases.  A series of social media and blog-style posts were also provided to create a buzz leading up to this prestigious event.  

Editor/Writer, Greater Mekong Sub-region Tourism Guide

Thailand is my adopted home, so creating a promotional brochure for Thailand's Department of Tourism touting their sustainable agro-tourism program was an honor for me.  I coordinated with several agencies as well as DoT's public relations agency in Bangkok, Talisman Publishing, to produce the 16-page guide to the several inter-country tours in the Greater Mekong Sub-region.  This brochure is included in the Writing Samples of this website.

Journalist and Copywriter, New Nordic Group, Southeast Asia

A major international property developer hired me to perform as an in-house journalist, copywriter, and editorial consultant. I developed and executed both print and online content for The New Nordic Development Group with offices in Bangkok, Phuket, Pattaya, Koh Samui, Hong Kong, Bali, Phnom Penh and Manila.

Chief Editor, Writer and Publisher, Design Desire Magazine, Thailand

A small writing assignment led to a job as Marketing Director for Euro Design Furniture, a Thailand-based vertically integrated furniture production facility.  I drove a redesign of the website and served as a webmaster.  I also designed, wrote, and produced, Design Desire, a 60-page interior design magazine targeting luxury buyers in Southeast Asia. I managed all phases of The magazine project including advertising sales. This magazine is included in the Writing Samples Section.

Real Estate Writer, Pattaya, Thailand

Since 2009 I have written and provided photography for feature articles and advertorials for Real Estate Magazine Thailand in English, Russian, and Mandarin Chinese editions. I also performed as a webmaster for online editions.  I conceived and wrote feature articles for Transparency Magazine, published by the Real Estate Brokers Association of Thailand (REBA).  I've also conceptualized, designed, written, and produced brochures, press releases, and website content for numerous property developers, real estate agencies, and individual entrepreneurs. 

Blogger, Thai Visa, Inspire Magazine, LIVV Thailand On-Line Magazine

I truly enjoy creating weekly content for high volume dynamic websites and social media companies like Thai Visa.com, Inspire.com, and LIVV Thailand on-line magazines including blogs and photo essays.  Samples of blog entries can be found here, in the Writing Samples  section of the website.